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You’re Not Done Yet – And Neither Are We

It’s very clear. We as a global community are not done yet. There’s loads of work to be done when it comes to tackling Climate Change. And it’s very clear that our ‘World Leaders’, political leaders from around the Globe and the UN have failed during the Climate Change Negotiations In Copenhagen. Whilst they promised us solutions they have only brought further destruction on our Climate. On our Future. On our survival.

They had their moment. Copenhagen was supposed to be that moment. that moment when we as a global community could go for a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement that would stop Climate Change. But they didn’t take up that moment and make it into an opportunity. That whilst time is running out. Fast. Because it is about our Future. Our Climate. Our Survival.

Therefor it is of utmost importance to pressure our so-called leaders or become leaders ourselves by civil society and act now. Act in Bonn and Act in Mexico City.