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IGLYO : I Am Here


It was probably the strangest week I have ever had in my whole life. A point of change. A learning point. A reflection moment. A coffee break. Oh Whatever.

I went there as a smug idiot complete with its very political correct insights. Insights that were too rational for words. And that on such emotional topics as racism and discrimination. Boy was I wrong. This expirience in the European Youth Center Strasbourg has changed my whole beliefsystem. It changed my references, my hopes in this life.

It has only been a week since I got back, but now the real issues hit me hard. It is some kind of sick reality-check that makes me wonder in what kind of world I had been living for the past few years. It makes me wonder if I did not take refuge for the past couple of yours from reality. Have I really become as naïeve to forget what racism and discrimination is? Even when confronted with it in daily life? I must say it is a rather akward feeling of self-reflection to realize that blending in is not inclusion or another fancy word when one mentions the topic of racism.

As for the sake of my identity these are troubled times. There is this grand urge not to identify myself towards society as through identification discrimination is born. But that does not consider the fact that society automatically identifies you as majority versus minority where the minority faces discrimination. When one even concludes that the battle between minority and majority for equal rights is based on the infliction of power. This makes that we as a society as a whole need to battle powerstructures that were set throughout history and imposed by a minority of the world community at that time. This only to hold the power the discriminate.How to identify then?

It is an open question that will probably take a lot of time to be answered. fuck yeah.