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Peace? Ceylan!

10532_153536544472_696354472_2633218_4101698_nOne can ask themself why in fucksake the biggest victims of war are always children. Innocent children.
Just this week a 13 year old girl who was herding sheep was shot to pieces by the Turkish army. And shot to pieces you should understand in the most literally manner possible. Her mother spend moments in time collecting the girls legs in a desperate effort to revive her. A heartbreaking effort.

This barbaric act happened in a village close to Diyarbakir, in the heart of Kurdistan. It is a clear and despicable example of how the Turkish state and army treat the Kurds. In their eyes Kurds are really nothing more than animals that can be killed, hunted down or put in inhumane surroundings.
One can not even deny this after this horrendous act of violence.

Even if the Turkish government has spoken out, the last few months, on peace. It has not acted as such and this horrible act by the Turkish army doesn’t promise much. And the question is rather what the answer will be on this murder by the freedom fighters. This whilst many said ‘let this war end now’, there will be a backlash for this despicable murder. And that is very natural as the most innocent of us all has been killed. A child.