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General Assembly! FYEG! Maastricht


Scheisse shit, or something like that. Every one of the four days we spend in Maastricht there was a disaster waiting to happen. First we had a car-accident, then a bike-accident, then an accident in Turkey. It all had to happen apparently. But we all wonderfully survived all threaths and discussed the night away.

Both our structures and our political platform was discussed in lenght. So much even that the newly elected EC has a lot of work for the next year. Also our activity schedule was reshaped with a clear signal that for FYEG the COP 15 in Copenhagen will be the most important activity of the year 2009 after the European parliament Elections. We’re very enthousiastic about gathering a large amount of young greens in Copenhagen to give a signal that this is our world too and that we feel the need to decide upon its future. As that is what we want; a future.

As such the GA was very tiring but it gave so much impulses to work on for the upcoming year that in the end the overruling emotion one of empowerment is. Green it on Europe. Once Again.