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Martin Luther King

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.


The only thing that matters is that you are able to tell yourself that you want it and that you want it irrevocably! What? That you want to take part in life, instead of being an observer; that you want to make decisions about when to say no to evil – in brief, that you will have civil courage at the appropriate moment.

Svetlana Broz – Essays On Civil Courage ‘Having What It Takes’

Hopenhagen? Fuck No! More like Hellhagen

Feeling wise it seems the best way to move on from Copenhagen is to state that whatever happened in Copenhagen should remain there. A secret. Something less than perfect that needs no attention. A failure of the worst kind. Something that was supposed to be so good but turned into humanity’s worst nightmare.

This should be kept under wraps. We’re humans as it is. We would like to cover things up. Not see the truth. Live in an illusion. An illusion that we might keep till things come falling, crumbled, down upon our own little not-understanding heads. Should we? Can we? Will we be able to?

The outcome of Copenhagen was disastrous. Fuck, it even was disastrous the whole 12 days it lasted. It was already when it started an atrocity. With the leakking of the ‘Danish Text’ it held the promise of a difficult and hard Conference. That whilst the survival of our climate had to depend on it. Yet the text made the Bella Center buzz with outrage and opposition, especially from the Global South witch would have been threatened in existence and development. The true hero that stood up against all this shit from the developed countries was the little island state of Tuvalu. Because the mere survival of Tuvalu depended upon a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement to come out of here. With the sea levels rising it is only a matter of a decade or so before the whole country of Tuvalu will be under the waves.

Many of these sad and depressing were being told inside the Bella Center by their delegates and civil society present there. How Climate Injustice also keeps gender injustice in powerful. How droughts were hitting parts of the African continent. How more than 900 million people depend upon the water of geltsjers that are now melting.

But all this apparently didn’t matter for those that were supposed to be our leaders. They kept distance. They kept silent. Or they kept on lying and making all these promises that they knew they wouldn’t keep. The EU and USA were cut out to do that job. They kept on skimming with malicious leaked texts, damaging meetings in Brussels and treating Global South and civil society delegates as trash.

They didn’t want to hear the facts, nor the voices of the thousands marching outside the Conference Center and all around the world on the 12th to ask for Climate Justice. They went on the path  they most probably already agreed upon before. To screw the Conference. And they were helpfully assisted the officials of the UNFCCC and the Danish Police forces.

Any opposition to what was going on, anything that even smelled like what would take to fight Climate Change was crushed. Either by Civil Society’s delegate numbers being demolished, Either by the protesters outside being beaten up, arrested, Pepper sprayed or held in the cold for hours. Either by complete ignoring the Global South. Those ones that have caused this current climate crisis the least but will be affected the first and the worst.

They. The Developed Countries. The West. They have ridiculed any outcome of The Climate Change Conference. They have made it fail. They looked out for their own national best interests. The protection of their lifestyle. The safeguarding of their economies.

Could this be worth covering up?

COP Me Hard

And it’s day 3 of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, better known as the COP15, held in Copenhagen till the 18th of December 2009.

Many things have already happened since we and the FYEG delegation have arrived. For more info one could turn to twitter and the FYEG Blog.

Without any comment…

Hello COpenhagen

ANd we’re nearly there! Halfway at least. We’re sitting in the ICE Hamburg –   Copenhagen. In the corridor since there seem not to be any places left on the train. We expected mainly activist on the train, but from the looks of it those are only a minority. Except if the 60 year old couples will turn out to be die hard activist. Who knows what they did in their golden days?
Well, let’s hope they are. Cause we will need every  voice in Copenhagen to be loud and visible. From the looks of it also Copenhagen will be a failure for the Climate. Our so-called leaders are seemingly not willing to live up to the promises they have been making for the past year. They are slowly backing out of an agreement to be reached here., moving it up to 2010. But we know that in politics postponement means that there will be no agreement or a very weak one.
And we (the people and the planet) need a strong agreement. We need to stop climate change. It’s simple. It’s as simple as the survival as we know it now.

And therefor we need to raise voices. In Copenhagen. But also in our home countries. We need to pressure our governments into the necessity of this agreement. We need to say loud and clearly that this is a matter of utmost importance. That we need a change in their behavior, not climate change

Helllo Austria?

And we’re in Vienna. Boarding the night train to Hamburg.
When we arrived in Budapest in the morning we took a 2 hour rest till the train to Vienna came as we were starving. And of course it was nice to sit around and take in the beauty of the train station of Budapest Keleti.
After we got ripped off in an exchange shop (Hungarian Florints are a bitch) we took off to Vienna. Ass the plan was to start hitch hiking from Vienna onwards we already started planning in the train. We needed carton to write our destinations on and we needed to find the place where, we found through the internet, was the easiest to hitch a ride to Germany and then Denmark.
Easiest? My Arse!
We stood 4 hours in the freezing cold. Waving at cars. SMiling the crap out of ourselves. Doing some crazy dances to keep warm. Begging out-loud in the hope a driver would hear them. And nothing.
Nobody stopped. Well, somebody actually stopped but that was to taek with another hitch hiker who arrived later than us.
We didn’t get a ride. But by god we can say we got spit upon. From a car that was passing a guy got his head out and frankly spit upon the cardboard Esra was holding. Thank you Austria for you hospitality! See you next time!
We’ll just take the train to Hamburg and proceed from there!