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Young Greens of Turkey – Summer Camp


Yeah. The Turkish Young Greens rock.

Between the 4th and the 8th of August the Turkish Young Greens held their summer camp on a camping site close to Erikle. Being on that summer camp was already a miracle for some as 2 people bicycled there and 1 person walked half way there. They did that as part of an action witch was held the first day in Tekirdag. They protested the severe pollution of the most important river in Trakya had to deal with. A concern many people in Trakya share as many still remember the cleanness it once had.

It was as such a good start for a summer camp. Completely energized from the good reception they had during the action. It made us so much more aware of the influence of green action. This reflected in many many discussions that were held on the most impossible places ever. On the beach suntanning. On the beach watching the stars. On the beach while drinking liters of wine. On the beach while a storm was passing by. On the beach during a bongfire.

It was such a revelation to hear young greens discussing from the heart matters of green politics. Content wise and political. Such a revelation. And that especially in Turkey. In Turkey where freedom of thinking even looks like it is prohibited.

It makes me conclude that if in Turkey change will ever happen it will be with young greens.


CDN Summer Camp 2009


I have to admit it; it was nuts. Thirty-five hours on a fucking bus. It was nuts. And that was only the way there. It took us another 34 hours to get back to Istanbul. Nuts, I say.

Being dropped kilometers before the Georgian border whilst you had bought your ticket to Batumi. A Laz taxi driver who told the story of the Iron Curtain and his people’s separation by it. Children begging for their life at the Batumi bus station. The matroeska between Batumi and Tiblisi breaking down.

Stressful to say the least. But then there they were. Ten days in Georgia. First and Executive Committee Meeting and then the CDNEE summer camp.

The CDNEE summer camp as such is every year a great experience. Only the pretext of having so many countries assembled and being able to experience so many personalities is already a big hurray. But considering it was a summer camp with the big topic of ‘Green Values’ it was worth a Mexican wave. Seven days long we discussed in workshops on gender, non-violence, democracy, anti-militarism, human rights, etc..As if we couldn’t get enough from discussing we would also continue during the evening and nights sitting under the stars in the middle of nowhere and drinking some cheap Ukrainian vodka mixed with sprite. Emotional discussions. Rational discussions. Content wise discussions. Pragmatical discussions. We had them all. Even discusssions on whether or not playing a killing game was ‘responsible’. And it was great. F*cking great even.

I might have to forget how sick iIl was during 8 out of 10 days, how i couldn’t keep in food, how the toilet bowl was my best friend or how i got easily annoyed by the differences between EU and non EU countries. But still it was great.

And then the busride back to Istanbul. After that I’m quite sure I will never ever set a foot again in a long distance bus. NO way. No No Never. F*ck no. From the women with magical expanding powers to the unfriendly and sexist bus driver till the bloody aircirculationthingy that didn’t work and no sleep for 34 hours, I’ve had it with buses.

GA and SC FYEG Maastricht – the start

The General Assembly and the Spring Conference of the Federation of Young European Greens has started. The registrationdesk is busy with getting people rooms, votingcards, leaflets and other practical issues.

With nearly 100 young greens coming together here in Maastricht this annual Spring Conference and General Assembly will be the experience that set our campaign off. Green On!


CDN seminar – Ethnical Minorities


After a fabulous weekend with young greens from all over Europe I set course for Belgrade together with Teo to the CDN (cdnee.org) seminar on ethnical minorities and conflict prevention. The journey was hard but more of that later. I went there to give a workshop on critical whiteness. It was the first time since my experience in Strasbourg that I would talk very publicly and open about minorities.

As such it was quite the experience. The very feasable influence coming from the Balkan or rather the Ex-Yugoslav reality is as such a matter on its own. The experience was even better do to the amount of participants who were open and willing to discuss difficulties, problems and solutions when talking about minorities.

Therefor it was an eye-opening seminar. Not only contentwise, but also aknowledging that Rakija is evil.