Grace Jones; In with the Old, Out with the New


Grace Jones may be one of the only controversial icons left from the 80’s. In the old days you had Iggy Pop, Andy Warhol, Madonna and many others. But nowadays they have all let us down. They died or completely sold out to commercial shit.

But not Grace Jones. She has waited for over a decade to come up with a record that is astonishing and amazing. She has found her strenght and is ready to yell at the world like the 90’s didn’t even exist.

And yelling is what she does on her new CD ‘Hurricane’ and her new Single ‘Corporate Cannibal’. She yells at her notorious reputation as a maneater, but also at what corporations and commercialism have done to the world of art (or even better to humanity). She comes across as one of the most powerful women that make and breathe art throughout everything that she does. It can even be stated that she has no equal in this world. No human can be as genderfree as this great artist.

Please enjoy this!


9 responses to “Grace Jones; In with the Old, Out with the New

  1. Their has never been one like her before and never will there be one after. Amazing Grace.

  2. brilliant artist,total individual.

  3. awesome. absolutely awesome…


  5. Holy Crap! What an amazing women!

  6. beautiful… so glad she is jamaican as i am too

  7. All hail Grace Jones. She is too fierce.

  8. I just saw a compilation video of Grace Jones @ the Brooklyn Museum on “Who Shot Rock and Roll” and had forgotten just how amazing and revolutionary she was. I was entranced by the 8 minute clip and must have seen it 5 or 6 times. I wish there were more like her. So many performing today could take some pointers from her. She is a legend.

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