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Eurovision – the day the earth stood still – Norway wins


Every year it is the same. Eurovision brings us a healthy dose of kitch so we can survive the upcoming year. Of course it is very clear that such a nationbased contest is something of the past for a European future. But it is so much fun.

The constant bitching, approving and more bitching about countries, performers, songs and clothes are so much fun in ever kind of a cliche way. You always have the stereotypical gays, wannabe prostitutes and diva’s trying to win that year. And Eurovision should be the one time during the year where you can let loose those stereotypes and experience them fully.

Norway deserved to win this year only because they send the cutest guy ever to the contest with a song that is so simple you have to switch your brain off to enjoy it completly. Witch is ofcourse a plus.

And to all the haters who keep on bitching about the how Eastern Europe is taking over, how the voting isn’t fair, how classical performers don’t have a chance, how the gays have taken over the festival, etc.; stop it, watch it and bitch it. Any other way is just blasphemy.