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It’s always hard to talk about ethics. Simply because it is so subjective. What is wrong for some people can be considered rightfully so by others. I should then also not remind myself of my ethics course in college where religion was a cornerstone.

But it might be time to stop and think about our ethics and our values as a society when the daily news seems to be overruled by a 13-year old boy becoming a father, the euthanasia ‘debate’ in Italy or a killer on the loose in a daycare center.

The question ;”where did society take a wrong turn”; that all of us seem to be opposed to ask ourselves is a question that is overwhelmed by populism. A question that is rather directed out of a willingness to blame than to correct. A question by witch we should find a culprit and hang him/her from the tallest tree in town. But this is not the way.

The correct way should be to reflect as a society where we all have gone wrong and look at the difficulties that are set on our path. We should look at those difficulties as opportunities to set right the wrongdoings we have as a society. We have the chance to correct (or change as Obama said) those things that keep our society from being totally free and composed to all our individual needs without the backlash of conservatism, jealousy and anger. But is our society ready for this? Maybe then Europe needs its own Obama.