The Hypocrisy of a Majority Thinking

In our current understanding of democracy it is clear that societal changes (or any change for that matter) can only be made when 50% or more of the voters agree with this change. Or vote in favor of it. it’s the way our governmental coalitions are formed. It’s the way our laws are forged. It’s the way we are structured. We can see this principle nearly everywhere. In politics. In civil society.
This understanding of democracy seems to be set in stone and certain for some. But is it really something we should strive for in democracy?

Doesn’t democracy actually mean solidarity? Doesn’t it mean inclusion?
Isn’t it highly questionable that this 50% and more rule is actually not working against solidarity and inclusion? I would say No. Because there is no way in this rule that all of society is shown solidarity and the inclusion they deserve. There will always be hatred and exclusion when we keep pretending that in a democracy an amount of people should agree and then after that everything would be okay. Just okay.
Because it isn’t. If only a certain amount of people agree then there is another amount of people not agreeing with whatever that should be agreed upon. This is a democratic deficit.

It’s a democratic deficit as such that if those decisions and agreement carried by that majority would harm that minority that disagrees, it would mean exclusion and discrimination. It is a democratic deficit since harm is done to minorities and that that then is carried to the institutions that form our societies.

Can we then still say that we live in a democracy?


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