When he looked out that window he say so many different things. So many beautiful things. Things that left him breathless. Breathless and aching for more.
Aching since this moment where he saw all these things wasn’t going to last. It just wasn’t going to last since he would have to turn around. Stop his stare out of the window and return back to this cruel reality that is life before dying.

He never imagined it to be this hard. Dying that is. He always imagined it would be something easy. Maybe even the easiest thing he would ever encounter. Sleeping. Dozing off and never waking up. Not noticing that life had come to an end. If it even was an end. Maybe it would be better to put it as the unknown. As that is really what it is. It is the unknown as nobody knows what awaits there. Or what doesn’t await there.

But it was hard. All this pain. Both mentally and physically. Hurting. Like it never had done before. Everywhere. Therefor it would be a relief when this all stop. Or goes on to the unknown. But at least the pain would be left behind. Well, hopefully it wouldn’t come with to the unknown. And if it was the end it would also mean the end of all this hurting.

And that would be beautiful too. It would be better. It will be different. It will be something other than what was in the now. But it will feel better. As nothing could be any worse than this reality. Even in all its beauty that this moment carried.


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