We’re all looking for love. Looking to be loved. Looking to give love. Looking to be love.
Because we can’t live without love. We might not even die without it. We desperately need it. We feel empty without it. We feel happy when we find it.
No matter if it’s that special somebody you’re ready to share the rest of your life with. No matter if it’s your best friend who you hare even your heartbeat with.. No matter if it’s the cat you’ve had since you were 5. No matter if it would be the scenery on that hill where you stood watching the sun rise on that rainy morning. No matter if it’s your therapy group you share all your thoughts and emotions with once a week.

We need it. We can’t live without it. Because it doesn’t matter in what manner it is and with who or what it is. But it makes u happy. Happy in a way that hatred or even dislike doesn’t even matter anymore. Happy as such that we can forget everything else for a brief moment in time. It allows us to focus on whatever is happening in that now. Enjoy it whilst it last. And carry that memory within us till death do us part.


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