Ego – So I am, We Are

There’s much to say about ego’s.
Of course it ain’t bad to have an ego. It is good to have a sense of self being, a sense of self preservation. It is good to know the person you are and what you can achieve. It is even necessary to live in today’s world. To be yourself. Completely
But pretending to be something you’re not. To not know who you are. To not self-reflect. To not know your limitations. To not think of others. To not take into consideration that part or whole of society you ‘re a part of.
Well. To say the least. That just ain’t healthy.
Not for you. Nor for whatever you’re a part of.

And of course it takes a heavy load to take these things into account. But isn’t all this the right thing to do when you want to live the life as a complete human being? Or is it that much better to live in a reality that just isn’t that.
As it is what seems. Not what is.
And what is might be the thing that is needed to be acknowledged for whatever we consider utopia to become true reality.


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