It’s not really something you could explain. Many have called it being in love with sadness. Or Melancholic. Or weariness. Or whatever. It is an emotional state where as such rationality should not be.  Reasoning is out of the question. Totally. If one would try to understand this what is a feeling, then they would get lost in words. As it is not explainable. No. It isn’t. One can only poor a fragment of what one feels into words. We can only try.

The feeling in itself is something I’ve been obsessing on for weeks now. The word itself was brought up in the middle of the night while drinking Raki. Obviously. But the emotions itself were not strange to me. But the reassurance that this is rather a collective feeling than an individual one was quite positive. One shouldn’t put it a box of her/his category of craziness or depressives. It is sadness where you are feeling happy about. It’s human. It’s emotionales. Understanding is a big no-no.

Let if be and feel. FEEL!


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