Young Greens of Turkey – Summer Camp


Yeah. The Turkish Young Greens rock.

Between the 4th and the 8th of August the Turkish Young Greens held their summer camp on a camping site close to Erikle. Being on that summer camp was already a miracle for some as 2 people bicycled there and 1 person walked half way there. They did that as part of an action witch was held the first day in Tekirdag. They protested the severe pollution of the most important river in Trakya had to deal with. A concern many people in Trakya share as many still remember the cleanness it once had.

It was as such a good start for a summer camp. Completely energized from the good reception they had during the action. It made us so much more aware of the influence of green action. This reflected in many many discussions that were held on the most impossible places ever. On the beach suntanning. On the beach watching the stars. On the beach while drinking liters of wine. On the beach while a storm was passing by. On the beach during a bongfire.

It was such a revelation to hear young greens discussing from the heart matters of green politics. Content wise and political. Such a revelation. And that especially in Turkey. In Turkey where freedom of thinking even looks like it is prohibited.

It makes me conclude that if in Turkey change will ever happen it will be with young greens.


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