Note to myself

You must know buy now that time is slowly ticking away. I’m quite sure if that even. You must know by now there is no other manner than to accept what is coming, to realize. That or you are a complete idiot. Witch I sincerly hope you’re not since you’re me. But realizing things is quite essential when you have to look towards the future.

Time is passing in a way you have no control over. And as control is non-existent the only way to proceed is to fight with as much energy you have in the time that still rests. Because it will be as fulfilling as possible when you need to say goodbyes. because you know you have never chosen the way that was ever perceived as normal. You have always fought in whatever manner.

So do not let this last battle be the one that defines your war. Be strong. Be though. As hardship will be encountered. Hardship you have met already so many times before but this will even go beyond that. Just know that in the end you most probably will find it all worth for. Like you always do. And it is like that. The emotions and the lessons learnt will, at that point of no return, make you a free spirit. A spirit that does not need that damaged body of yours to make a difference. And o yes it will.


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