Another One


On the 13th of July 2009 the LGBTTQI community of Istanbul had to march again in the streets to condemn another hate crime and ask for justice. This last murder of a transsexual has been the last in a line of visible crimes committed against the LGBTTQI community in Turkey. As such as being the most visible part of the LGBTTQI community transsexuals have been the ones who have suffered the most in attacks. They have been either severely beaten up, arrested or killed. And nobody seems to carry.

This is as such explainable that in a paternalistic and sexist society like the Turkish one where women are perceived as lesser individuals the transformation from man to women is believed to be despicable act. It can even be perceived as a threat to mere male power and certain gender roles. But that doesn’t justify the inhuman reactions, treatments and discrimination the LGBTTQI community is facing every day. It is as such even despicable that governments are refusing to take actions so the Human Rights of LGBTTQI’s is secured. A true failure of this so-called democracy.

These hate crimes will never stop unless Human RIghts are secured by law and the execution of these laws by the police and the judiciary system. It is about time that these actions are undertaken as every death is one too many. No More. No More. Act the fuck now.


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