For Hrant! For Justice!

It may be unbelievable that a murder that shocked the nation and drove acknowledged intellectuals into self chosen exile, has not been brought to justice yet after 2,5 years. Turkey mourned the death of Hrant Dink and for once there was an opening to actually talk the Armenian ‘issue’ through in the Turkish society. It is extremely sad that for this progress once more is halted by the extreme hypocritical army and government. As much as they want the public to believe that justice will be brought upon those criminals responsible they have not even been sentenced yet. What is even more worrying is that the real culprits have not been found as the investigation was stopped and compromised even in the in the early stages.
It is as such mind bobbling that these actions by government and military have not been acted upon by the judiciary system as it seems that even they can not make sure that justice will prevail.

On Saturday the 4th of July hundreds of people joined a human chain reaching from the Galatasaray square till the Swedish consulate on Istiklal street in Istanbul and shouting for justice. It was, for me, an impressive action that took my breath away and caused goosebumps that lasted for the entire evening. It showed that even 2 and a half years of government oppression there are still people courageous enough to still demand for justice in a country that is the pretence of a democracy. As such this is a hopeful action as it clearly shows that the voice against oppression and against injustice as such can not be silenced.
For Hrant, for justice.
We’re all Hrant, we’re all Armenians.


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