Never forget Sivas


It was only my first day in Istanbul and already I had the chance to take part in a massive demonstration. Between 8 and 15 thousand people (depending on the source) marched through Kadiköy to remember those 33 people who died 16 years ago on the 2nd of June in Sivas by a great injustice.

Those 33 people were part of the Alevi ‘minority’ here in Turkey and were gathered to celebrate a cultural festival. Their hotel was attacked by Islamists after a friday prayer that called for their death. The Islamists put the hotel on fire and nobody, even the authorities, have even tried to save those innocent souls. This grave injustice is of significant importance if one looks at the Republic of Turkey and its minorities.  Death through violence is not an uncommon thing when one considers the difficult (to say the least) issue of minority rights in Turkey.

But it is even more despicable that the real criminals against democracy and minority rights in this case are not brought to justice as it was also the authorities who failed to protect those peoples lives. Those authorities have always behaved in a very reluctant manner when addressing the real threats towards minorities and have since then not acted to prove the contrary. The Turkish state always speaks in a very hollow, but pretty voice on minority rights but as such does not act upon it. The state even tries to protect those criminals through badly led investigations or even abruptly stopping them. This makes them followers to those horrible acts against human rights. This must come to an end right now! There has been enough bloodshed and enough lies to cover up the truth.

Justice must preveal. Even after 16 years.


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