And then we touch the ground

Like always I was too nervous to actually fall asleep and take upon those brief hours in bed to rest. But no, the adrenaline of leaving for Turkey wouldn’t let me sleep.  So therefor I kept unpacking, repacking all night long. Finally deciding to leave a few books and a whole suitcase behind. It just felt too much like a capitalist move  rather than something essential to ones self growth. In the end I still managed to stuff 35 kilos in my luggage witch made some eyebrows twitch behind the check-in counter. But thankfully my innocent and angel like smile can solve any problem possible.

Flying is as such always an adventure. Firstly because I have a very strong dislike against being put in such small boxes without the ability to move, but foremost because of the stressed people you can find on airports. It says something about the nature of people who are already stressed out whilst they are using the transport that will bring them in the fastest manner to their destination. This behavior is as much disturbing as it sounds when the fact is that those people are leaving on holidays. Holidays they will most probably spend with their arse on a beach and cocktail in their hand. Capitalist society has indeed its negative connotations 😉

But this time it didn’t disturb me that much since I was leaving for Turkey. What bothered me a bit was the security measures that I always have to endure as a person with a Turkish name and a Belgian Passport. In Budapest I was questioned during half an hour how this fact would be possible. I distinctly got the feeling they were at the point of thinking that I was a terrorist with a fake passport. This whilst the Belgian Passport is, since a few years, an item that can not be easily be forged. But well, xenophobia and racism are on the rise in Hungary so there should be some kind of explanation for this behavior. And at the same time I shouldn’t complain much since the people with a Turkish passport have more difficulties coming to the EU than I have going to Turkey.
I was already happy not to be spending that much time in Budapest as it was soon time to board that plane in direction of Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

A smile emerged after landing and putting my first steps on the concrete. It was turkish concrete stupid.

But that smile was quickly put to rest when I passed yet again passport control. As always this boot was manned with a very unfriendly person witch as always asked me where my Turksih passport was and gave me a very judging look when i responded that that was not a doom i wanted to hail upon myself. It left me wondering why this turkish identity/ nationality mattered so much  both for me but also for the turkish autorities. Probably a wondering that will come back in those next two months. Happily there is a duty free shop for the arrivals on the airport where i stocked up on raki and gauloises. Thnak the lord for that.
After a demonic busride through Istanbul the contors of Taksim square made me even smile more as it was utter happiness that emerged in my brain. Taksim square has a such an influence on me as it is questionable symbol of turkeys history, present and future. Questionable since everything in turkeys history, present time and future is questionable as far as it goes. But it made me feel like i’ve come home for once.


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