Young Greens for an All Inclusive Europe

In the week before the 17th of May, the International Day against Homophobia (IDAHO), gay prides took places all around Europe celebrating freedom and diversity. Still, we are warned once again that Human Rights’  violation towards LGBTQI  is still present in Europe.

Yet again the organisation of prides has been precarious. In Moscow the pride has been forbidden as this has been a common practice. And in Riga the pride had to go through hard times as only 3 days before the permission to organise it had been revoked. This happened under the false pretence of morality and conservatism. Thankfully the court decided against this outrageous act and the pride will take place.
For the Young European Greens these situations are  is unacceptable. We do not want a Europe that discriminates people who do not fit in to certain mainstream norms. We do not want a Europe of intolerance. The Young European Greens strive towards Europe that values diversity and considers it as an enrichment that should be celebrated; towards Europe in which all citizens will have equal rights, regardless their differences, not only on paper, but also in practice. We strive towards Europe of inclusion and respect.

This Saturday 16th of May, day prior IDAHO, FYEG will participate in the gay pride in Brussels to show that there is an alternative, namely a Green alternative.

Young Greens do not merely pay lip service to equal rights and anti-discrimination:.Green MEP Kathalijne Buitenweg headed the anti-discrimination directive that was finally adopted by the European Parliament. This directive protects all European citizens against different forms of discrimination, including the ones  based on sexuality.

We are fully aware that fight for equality and inclusion will not end with the adoption of the anti-discrimination directive. It offers legal protection and a useful standpoint from which we continue to promote our vision of an inclusive society in which equal rights will be granted for all. Therefore, Greens will continue this battle along side all the others that strive towards an all inclusive Europe.


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