Pride – in the name of what?


Every year the same thought comes to my mind when it is that time of the year that the BLGP proceed through the city of Brussels celebrating diversity; what about the others? What about all those other countries where human rights are merely a piece of paper that can be thrown away.

This year was different as the BLGP was in the same weekend as the Baltic Pride (in Riga) and the Slavic Pride (in Moscow during the Eurovision Song Contest). Weeks on forhand there were rumours or officials speaking out to forbid both prides. The outcome was that over the whole of Europe Human Rights activists were scandalized and that at least the Baltic Pride could continue in a so-called peacefull place. The Slavic Pride however was brutally put down and activist were arrested (if only that).

The Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride showed solidarity with those 2 prides who faced difficulties but is that enough? Is it enough to write to you government officials and ask them to react to these violations of Human Rights? Is it enough to react in such a manner when people are threathend to be arrested, beaten up or convicted solemly becaus ethey ask for equality? Is this where activism has come to today?

I’d rather say no, but all signals are not so positive as we naieve Western European would like to believe. It’s as such a very sad reality where yet and answer needs to be found for.


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