Turkey – oh lord why don’t you buy me some Turka Cola


After a very drunk, but inspirational train ride from Thessaloniki I arrived at the Holy Grail; Istanbul. It is with greatest pleasure that I keep going back to this magical place that connects the European and the Asian continent. But this time I was there to visit the Turkish Young Greens in Istanbul and Bursa.

Since the Turkish Greens participated for the first time ever in local elections they have broughtened their members and loads of young people have since then become member. As such this is quite the experience for the Turkish Young Greens. And a new Start.

I’ve met so many inspirational and empowered people with who I’ve had very interesting talks on how Turkish society should change towards a green one. The trouble is that there are so many things wrong that it would nearly ressemble a revolution. A green one this time around. For example; the first day I was in Istanbul also the US president Obama was in town and several demonstrations against him and the NATO went through the city center. It was as such amazing as they were not against the NATO from a non-violent, anti-militarist or even pacifist point of view. It all had to do with an extreme nationalist point of view. This is very frightening and it makes the change of Turkish society towards a Green Future less possible. But since the oppossition towards nationalism is growing we can also say that everything is possible. And of course we can not let down on hope. Since hope is what we have.


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