Something probably regretable

Dear all,

Last year when I got elected as FYEG treasurer that happened to be a very empowering and positive moment in time. This was, and now I am assuming, not only for myself, but probably also for the other newly elected EC-members.

This is the moment where I tried starting off with a very positive note and the determination to learn from mistakes that happened in the past. And of course with the hope that things would be better than the previous year. When I now reflect upon that moment I must say that probably my stubborn determination on how this EC should function restricted me to my own limits and my own views. I was as such restricted that I probably did not take into consideration other possible view. This has led to many misunderstandings, miscommunications and frustrations for me and the other members of the EC. As such this whole past year has been quite the experience with dealing with frustrations and demotivations. Therefor I did not as such function nor contribute as much as I would have wanted

But with that in the back of my mind I can also say that the past year has been a very positive experience. After this past year I feel that I’ve grown both on personal and political level. It has given me an insight on the Young Green Movement all over Europe through the Member Organisation and it has led me to believe that a Federation as ours is needed as we are the only possible answer that can lead to a real change in Europe that needs necessary greenness. It has made me realize that that change is much needed as we are nowhere close to real social and environment equality and justice.

As such we are much needed and have a duty in this as we can see that if we want to change Europe we need to to this with the new generations. I can say that we have this responsibility as our and the next generation(s) will live the longest on this piece of the world. And if we want that young green change we are the ones who should do this by eduction as such. Eduction in formal as non-formal way. This can happen through seminars, study sessions and youth exchanges but also through PR’s, participation with and in other actors, representation in democratic
bodies, statements, campaigns and cooperation with the youth we represent.

With FYEG we already do parts of what I just mentioned but almost always very restrictions because of various reasons as political unwillingness, insufficient resources, not enough womenpower, etc. With the last year I’ve seen from up-close how financially we are restricted in our choices and in our opportunities to actually greener this Europe. I could not leave but to notice that we need to work on our diversity and creativity on dealing with financial issues. It is much needed as through that we can actually make our Federation evolve and change as a political youth organisation.
With all what I’ve written here previously I can only conclude that I would like and love to take a
part in that. But only of course if you would give me that chance on the Maastricht GA.

Battal Erdogan


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  1. Go for it! 🙂

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