Greek Young Greens – Change is just around the corner


After Belgrade I had to go to Athens as I promised for a while to visit the Greek young greens. They want to become full member of FYEG on the Maastricht GA and a visit is then needed to write a recommendation from the executive committee to the GA.
Allthough I did miss their meeting as my train was delayed and many things went wrong on the connection from Thessaloniki to Athens.

Let’s just say that I didn’t make it and thus missed meeting the 600 to 700 people assembled (;)). But in the end was happily surprised to find a bunch of real young greens there. I had very interesting and empowering discussions on young green ideology with them and the energy they sparkled was great. This great group of people are as such willing to contribute to a greener Greece and a greener Europe. All I can say for now is that i really hope that they become a member of the FYEG and contribute to the whole of our federation. They at least have the will to do this. It can and will only be an extra for the young European green movement.
A young green Greece for a young Green Europe! Green It On!


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