European Green Party Elections Congress – Think Big! Vote Green!


Two days in the European Parliament. Greening it to the core. That was the election congress.
For 2 days the European parliament was filled with Greens. This is how we would want it to be in the future. Yes we want. and Yes We Can! The 2 days were filled with the history of the Greens in the Parliamnetn but also with what we want for the future. The past and the Future. That Bright Green Future.
Our Green Members of European parliament have already achieved so many things through fabulous guerilla campaigns and proposing a real change to Europe. But we notice that we can do so much more.
We as a global entity and as the UE are at a point where we can really make a difference and accomplish change. There are lifechanging choices that are awaiting us. We must have the courage to actually accomplish these changes. We, as always, have to strive for enviromental and social justice. And between the 4th and the 7th of June we actually have the chance to to so accordingly.
As a UE we have the responsability to the world to led by example and tackle the climate crisis. This is neccesairy to actually have a world after years of simple abuse of this worlds natural resourses and  its ecological limits. But it’s not only this. The financial crisis that is effecting our so called normal lifestyle shows us that our economy is rotten to the core and that we can not continue like this. We can therefor boldly state that this world is in crisis and that we are definatly in need of a New Green Deal to save us all.

We desperatly need to take into consideration that our enviroment and our economy need to form one  coherent solution. It is time to act. It is time for a change. So please vote Green between the 4th and the 7th of June. Otherwise it is unlikely to actually come to the change that is neccesairy.
Think global. think Europe. Think Big, Vote green.


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