Emotionality versus Rationality


There’s so much to say, so much to write when it comes to the past as it effects our present and certainly our future. The way we deal with yesterday has a big influence on how we get through today and what we are willing to do tomorrow.

From that yesterday it is also pretty hard to elope. It may be easy for the time being that we run away and hide but it is certain that in the end it will hit you hard and once again you will be shattered by emotionality. It seems that through that running away and the hiding we try to use rationality to protect ourselves. This whilst many of it are pure and raw emotions.

We tend to try and figure out the past, give it meaning, try to understand it and try to dissect it till it makes sense. Whilst we do not want to consider our very human emotions of loneliness and anger. This may come from the fear of getting hurt  as emotional pain is something we sometimes can not stand. It is as such also human to be wanting to run away from yesterday. But what sense does it make in the end?

Aren’t we all up for flaws and pain as times passes by and when our emotional scars burst open again?


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