When Courage is needed to call it a genocide


As a strong supporter of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide I really do not comprehend people who refuse to define the activities of the Israëli state in the Occupied Territories as Genocide.

It seems to me that people are using double standards when it comes to condemning states who obviously commit  a genocide by the definition that is provided by International Law (the definition can be found on this website; http://www.preventgenocide.org/genocide/officialtext.htm ). It seems that for states that have enough strong International relations and where no Western Citizens are killed it is okay to commit a genocide. Whilst states that do not have an international back-up by more powerfull nations or where Western Citizens are killed are condemned faster and harder. This, to me, sounds like an injustice as the truth is hidden under a pile of diplomacy and reasons beyond comprehension.

This last situation also is an injustice towards the people who undergo a genocide as well as the state that does this despicable act. The defining of this problem can lead to a solution as then the ‘real’ problems are put in bright daylight. Then the International community can take a stand and bot victims and aggressors can come clean so this appropriate actions can be undertaken so this horrible action can be set aside and peace can be restored. The best example of this is the Genocide in Ruwanda where 2 ethnicities are now trying to live in peace after the Genocide in the early 1990s.

It is the truth that has to be set free. No matter what. Otherwise there will be no real peace. No real democracy. And certainly no real humanity as Humanity is what we strive to have in this world.


One response to “When Courage is needed to call it a genocide

  1. Thank you for writing this entry. Very well-put. I just wrote a piece on my blog about recent events on the Armenian front. I also “borrowed” your photo. Hope you don’t mind. It’s so old that I don’t think it’s under copyright anymore.

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