Womens rights in Turkey


And to think I thought to have had it with activism and demonstartations not so long ago. But after the Lambda Istanbul courthearing I also attended a demo by the womens council of Ankara for the International Day against Violence towards Women. And the day faterwards there was a demo on the premises of METU (Middle East Technical University).

In a country where womensrights are mainly focussed on the topic of the headscarf a lot of other rights are often forgotten and even surpressed by the very patriarchal society. This is a shame as Turkey was one of the first countries in the world to actually give women the right to vote. Whilst Western countries where battling their wives and daughters the first step in the emancipation was made in Turkey. But since then not much as such has changed.

Womensrights may have been written in the law, but are often not considered. Crimes against women are often the ones that are not put in a courtcase and thus many crimes against women go on unprocecuded. A dirty shame again for a country that wants to access the EU. Rights of minorities are just hollow and not a priority for the Turkish government, allthough they want us to believe it isn’t so.

There is certainy a deficit in Turkey when it comes to what government officials say and what they actually do. How else can you explain that on the demo of the womens council in Ankara the amount of police forces was triple the amount of the demontrators. A complete and utter madness was it to see these very macho and armed forces trying to shield the demonstration off. It just makes you question what Turkish officials expect of these kind of demo’s. Do they see revolution everywhere since they are not capable of governing a country that is willing to make progress?


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