Byzantium, my love


It is Istanbul. It is the city I so much love. That wonderful city full of life. Full of color and full of joy.

Istanbul is a strange city. It brings together the East and the West. It brings together so many religions, so many art forms and so many people. Istanbul can be considered the thriving heart of the world, the shakira-esque bellybutton, the center of the world. Yes it is.

Istanbul has so much to offer. Shopping on Istiklal street or in the grand bazaar. Dinner on the Galata bridge. Boat trips between Europe and Asia. Drinking raki on the Galata Tower and then continuing drinking in bars everywhere. Reading books on the square that connects the Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed. Listening to music  from the Anadolu in petite underground bars. Looking at the sunset on Taksim square or Haydar Pasa trainstation. And then suddenly ending up in a very underground bar where a complete genderfree person sings songs from the Turkish seventies and all you can do is just cry and drink raki.

Istanbul has truly stolen my heart and has even drenched my soul. I’ve left that city longing for more. More. More. Istanbul


2 responses to “Byzantium, my love

  1. cok guzel yazmissin 🙂

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