Falafel in Istanbul


And it has ended.

The falafel seminar on Peace and Development has come to an end. Falafel is the Euromed platform for young political organisations. And we have done an amazing seminar. We have brought Maltese, Spanish, Catalans, French, Germans, Turkish, Israeli, Jordanians and Palestinians together to talk about conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

And again; it has been great. We had so many fears before it even started, but it all turned out incredible. This is thanks to the amazing prepatory team Maria, Ska, Sevgi and Markus. But also thanks to the amazing participants who made this whole experience just amazing. I’m hoping that these great people find eachother very soon in various projects they are now working at. T

hat they may spread that peace, love and friendship throughout their communities. Just like they did that during the seminar. (Jezus, now I really sound like a freaking Hippie)


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