The Power of the Vote

Next to deadlines, this week is also filled with great exitment on the Presidential elections in the USA. Will it be Obama or the devil incarnated and will the world suffer another 4 years of religious conservatism?

But more remarkable during these elections is the campaign to get voters out of their houses and in the actual votingboot. Contrary to Belgium, in America it is not mandatory to vote and you even have to register to be able to vote. SO it is not that surprising that celebreties are speaking out. Not only on a candidate they are endorsing. But also to get people to vote. To make use of their democratic duty.

This video shows a bunch of celebreties speaking out and trying to convince Joe six-pack, the average hockey mom and especially youth to go and vote.


2 responses to “The Power of the Vote

  1. Battal, What happens if you don’t vote in Belgium?

  2. In Belgium you can get a fine if you do not vote as it is mandatory that every Belgian citizn of age brings out a vote.

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