These are the days, my friend. The days where the future of the world depends upon. Well, at least the next 4 years. On November 4th American voters will be able to go out and vote for their next president. And as America is one of the most important countries in the world, due to historical shit, they are also making a choice on the most important human being on this planet.

After 8 fucking years of Bush we have seen in what kind of devistation the world is. War is everywhere. Poverty is more widespread than ever. There is a so called clash of civilazations being pursued. And on November 4th this can change. This really can change. Not by that grey haired idiot McCain, but by that Afro-American dude Obama.

And allthough it may seem weird that a green is hoping for a democrat to become president of the USA, this is, due to the fucking electionsystem in the USA, the only sane choice. The past 8 years just have been too devastating for the USA and the world to have a continuation of the same policies and the same visions. With Obama the USA will at least have a president that is more open, more visionary and less of an asshole to begin with.

So tonight I’m planning on going to church and burning at least one candle for him. And on the 4th of November we’ll see who America has chosen for and what the future will bring.


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