Dreaming of a white future

From time to time I get it in my head that it’s time for some serious selfreflection. I do not know why I keep doing this to myself, but apparently it’s in my nature as a f*cking general socio-cultural worker. Or maybe it’s something deep inside me saying that something is wrong and in need of revision.

These periods of selfreflection often take longer than 1 day. This time I think it has taken forever. A whole summer. And now summer is definitly over it’s time to come up with conclusions so the next few months can be somewhat planned.

So here it goes;

– My dearest wish is to settle down in Brussels till the summer of 2009. It has just been too much. Too much traveling. Too much living like a nomad. I’m just exhausted by doing so many things at so many places and I really need to settle down somewhere so I can have some time for myself once in a while.

– I need to cut down on the emotional shit. Desperatly. I know that I’m a very emotional person and I rather follow my heart than my mind, but apparently there are way too many people bothered by this. Normally I wouldn’t give a f*ck, but I for once want to make my life easier than the opposite.

– There’s definitly a need for ideology. The last few months have learned me that I do not read enough anymore. When I was young I read to form my opinions and the bigger picture. Now all I do is travel. I also learn a lot from that but not enough. I need to make time read my arse off and try to dive into the classics that once were so important to give my mind a direction.

– I need to WRITE! For the past months I have had the intention so many times to sit down and write. But it never happened. I just couldn’t get the energy nor the inspiration. I’ve now promised to give myself 15 minutes per day to write everything that comes to mind and an hour per week to actually structure the wild mess that comes out.

– The vast majority of my mind, body and soul need a descision on where my political life is going. The upcoming year is of utter importance as the elections for the European Parliament will be quite demanding for the FYEG and every young green activist all over the European continent.

– My godchild! My dearest Maarten! Since he has been born I have found some new energysource to use for everything that I do. And I really need to be thankfull that that not so little creature is present in my life. I just feel like a crappy godparent for not giving him that much attention in my life. If I do not want to regret this in the future I will have to do some more effort to actually include him in my life.

These 6 points I’m promising myself to live up to. I will have to try and make these all happen. As always I have no clue if I’ll be able to suceed but I’ll keep on trying. Keep on trying. And then we’ll see what the future brings us.


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