Two Times in Five Days

Two times in 5 days time. I’ve been robbed. Two Times. Five days. Robbed.


It has been uter insanity. I could live by being robbed in Barcelona of over a 1000 Euros in valuebles. I could have lived with that. But being robbed a second time of nearly no money, but off the documents I spend 2 days to get from eiter the police or my city’s administration. Well, That hurted a lot.

I must say that during these past few days I’ve completly lost my trust in people. I’ve become paranoia and now think that everybody wants to steal something from me. I’ve ceratinly lost all my naievity towards the “good” others. I think I’m still in somewhat of a shock after being robbed twice in 5 days. But I really have trouble understanding this shit. Is it karma? Is it destiny? Is it God getting me back for something I did wrong? Am I cursed? DO I have the bad eye?

The only thing I hope that my bad luck ends here. Because more shit I can barely handle at the moment.


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