Baba Zula

I didn’t go to Barcelona just to see this group. It was more intended to be a short holiday and seeing Ethemcan after his move to the European Union. But thank God Ethem took me there. Allthough he became already very Spanish after only living in BCN for 1 week. But he kept it civilized and was only a half hour late.

But then there was Baba Zula. And I can say that it was fucking fantastic. I have never ever experienced such feelings listening to Turkish music. And it was great music, something that I would describe as Turkish folk electronica. That description is maybe something others may frown browes on, but I must repeat that it was fucking amazing. Well, now I’m on the round of giving shout outs for people then Imust do that to the person who did the artwork of their show. As this was amazing. I would call it grafical music. Too bad all the pictures taken that night got stolen.


2 responses to “Baba Zula

  1. You know what Gandhi said when he was asked `What do you think about the Western Civilization?`?

    “It could have been a nice dream” 🙂 ahah
    Amazing concert I should say, keep uncivilized!

  2. battalerdogan

    Yes, I will. And you keep drinking.

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