Summer is over

What a summer it has been. Two and a half months on the road. Trainhopping, planedropping, hostelcrashing; we’ve done it all. The road included cities like Prague, Ljubliana, Zagreb, Zadar, Tuzla, Belgrade, Bucharest, Madrid; Venice, Sofia, Istanbul, Campina and Ankara. I’m still under the impression it was all a dream as it went pass so quickly and even without the smallest debriefing.

I must say that I came back as a new person. I’ve had so many new impressions it did make my world rock. It was like I never ever discussed the topics of nationalism, peace, human rights and environment with myself. Activities like the CDN summer camp, the FYEG gender seminar, the roma seminar and brief meetings in Istanbul stimulated my thinking so much.

The time I actually spend on trains and waiting for planes was very much put to use as my brain never stopped thinking. How could it, I haven’t slept that good during those ‘holidays’. This makes me conclude it was a good ‘holiday’… Although the next time I’ll pronounce the word holiday I will probably mean lying on a beach, sunbathing my arse of on Malta.


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