It was quite the drama. Preparing on doing what I hate to do (flying) and even before check-in fainting on the airport. And then a few hours later waking up in the hospital with some angry nurses around the bed.
Well, apparently my body is not s strong as I thought. My liver couldn’t cope with the amount of poison, painkillers, weed and alcohol any more and refused to work any more. Great.Even my liver is now working against me.
And allthough I was very sorry to have missed the prep meeting for the Roma seminar in Romania, I’m actually quite happy that I had some time (3 days) to just sleep and relax. Allthough after barely one day I got so bored I picked up knitting again.
Even greater. After the hotflashes of chemo I’m really in my menopause.


One response to “Drama

  1. Yeaaaahhhhhh!!!

    Could you knit me a sweater for this winter, actually for now as there is no more summer in Belgium?

    Sun will be back in Brussels if You vote Green!!!

    CrapFace EvilBook!!!

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