The first, the last, my ECM

Only 5 weeks after our election on the GA we found the time to have our first real Executive Committee Meeting. Everybody agreed that this was a bit late but considering 9 people’s schedules this was the fastest we could do. And we did it.

On friday we were supposed to start with some teambuilding activities instead of going to Vert Pop, an amazing party that the Walloon Green party organises every year. It ended up an activity where we smoked, drank and watched some soccer with only half of the EC. Considering that this bastard had prepared some idiotic activities I thought I had reasons to be upset. Really, a nice way to start an ECM. Brilliant.
But after talking through the difficulties and errors of the friday evening we made a pretty good start on saturday morning and we worked well till early sunday evening. Sunday evening we ended up doing a BBQ without a BBQ (it was raining true to Belgian tradition) with some other young greens based in Brussels. And the fun we had. I will never forget the “Zip” and “Boink” game.
Unfortunatly some neighbours complained about “the noise” we produced during the weekend. This is a sad thing. And we truly apologise for that.

Personally I find it quite strange to be back on some kind of a board. Dealing with ego’s has never been my strongest side and even this time I feel personally dissapointed whenever personal agenda’s come up. I’m just way better to colide in the bigger picture and not giving a fuck about the personal issues. But I think I have to leave my naive self somewhere where only God knows. This is politics and apparently then we need ego’s. Sad but reality.
But now I’ve got the feeling that ego’s will not destroy the rather ambitious plans we have for the coming year. It may all be ambitious but with the year 2009 and the European elections knocking on our door I think we might be able to surprise the outside world and even some malcontent young greens.


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