30 BundesKongress Grüne Jugend

This weekend the 30th Bundeskongress of the German Young Greens, Grüne Jugend, was held in Bonn. This formal capital of Germany was the perfect place for it. Totally away from the world, but yet with a little prestige we can expect of one of the biggest young green organisations in Europe. And I have to admit I was quite reluctant before going. I kept wondering if I could keep my mouth shut and keep my oh so bad nazi jokes for myself or blather it out amongst 300 german young greens. But I kept it quite decent. Although at some point my worst nazi joke was presented by a german itself, witch only caused rather unpleasant faces towards him and not me.

I have to admit that being at that Bundeskongress was rather impressive for me. I never saw 300 young greens together in one place. Yes, I know. This sounds rather sad, but it’s true. Even in the highdays of Jong Agalev we couldn’t get that many people on a meeting. but of course the reflection can be made that Germany is so much bigger than tiny Flanders. Still. Three Hunderd. Rawze. Momie!
It is also very motivating to see that at least 300 young persons are busy with young green politics, young green thinking and young green living. it strenghtens you that there are so many people more like you and seeing them all together in a country that lately has been embracing the conservatives yet again is quite a good signal towards the future. To be totally opportunistic: there’s hope for the future.

And this Kongress also gave me the opportunity to start making plans so every year we can organise a seminar during the Eurovision Song Contest. Who really wants to miss screaming and bitching German Gay Guys whilst watching the Eurovision? C’etait fantastique!


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