The Pride of becoming older every year

The 17th of May was the International Day Against Homophobia, but it was also my 23th birthday and this year is was also the day when the Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride took place. So there were many reasons to celebrate and even more reasons to get completly waisted. And so we celebrated and got waisted. Maybe even a bit too much as I had troubles remaining on my own 2 feet at 2 in the afternoon. And I had to crawl my way back home in the middle of the night after puking in front of the Bourse. If decandent hell looks like this I’m loving the devil from now on.
But as many reasons I had to be drunk on the Pride, I also needed to be drunk to just show my face there.
That’s because, to me, the GayPride always seems like the freaks watching the freakshow.
But thanks to the amount of alcohol and dutch vegetables I have little memory what actually happened.
Thank the green fairy (Carolina) for that.


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