Narrow-minded people may refuse to watch this movie because of the amount of openly consumed sex in it, but they are mistaken. This is one of the movies a human being must have seen before ending up in a home for old people. And even then they should watch it because nobody is too old to learn.

Because it may seem it’s all about sex, but it’s not. Sex is only the language that is used to tell the story, a story that is worth telling, a story that is breaking taboo’s and not giving a f*ck about the so called common sense about sex and relationships.
It is truly liberating to watch other thoughts on how sex and relationships can be, or how it should be. And it’s even more stimulating to see how noting compares, how every individual is a person as such and that all these big conclusions we all tell our friends, read about in magazines and see on television are actually total bullshit.

And that”s it. It’s all bullshit and we should all be freed of this bullshit.
Let’s just all become Queer and praise Shortbus for opening up our eyes, mouths, Arses, vagina’s and whatever you use for plain and bullshitless sex.


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