Berlin – GA and Spring Conference

I’m writing this from my sickbed. If only I had Wireless internet here, this probably would be heaven. Thank Painkillers for that.
But let’s not get started there. This is about the Spring conference and FYEG’s GA.
I wasn’t really planning on going as there were a lot more things on my mind than politics. But then again FYEG also means too much for me just to bail out.
And then last week Wens-day it all started. From Brussels we were with 4 people and a lot of materials that needed to go to Berlin. And the most ecological way (and the cheapest) was to transport it with a car. So that day we set towards Berlin. Our Spring Conference and GA started then. From that moment on we were 24 hours per day busy with lobbying, practical shit and the most important thing: meeting up with people who meant a lot to us and FYEG.
I’m very sorry to say that I missed a lot of the spring conference. Bewomening the Registration desk, dealing with Mo-fee’s and Participation-fee’s was probably not the most fun thing to do but also one of the necessary task that needed to be done. It involved a lot of running around and after people’s arses to get their much needed money, but it was also worth it.

My first real involvement in the GA was the introduction of the candidates for the Executive Committee. I had to give my speech, as I was also a candidate. I can honestly say that I fucked-up. My speech involved 4 times saying my name, a lot of ‘euhs’, a lot not trying to say ‘fuck’ and just trying to find my words. After that it was just waiting if delegates wouldn’t vote against me. And Luckily they didn’t. So since saturday evening I can proudly call myself the treasurer of FYEG. This truly means a lot to me as I’ve been involved in the finances for more than 8 months so and now I can really make a difference, even have a political mandate to say no or yes to spending shit. Huray for that.
But more important is that there is now an EC that the coming year had a mandate to resolve a lot of challenges that the federation will face with the upcoming elections in 2009. And I’m quite confident that we will be able to turn the seats. I forsee a faboulus year. Especially since my bitch, Maria, also made it through as projects coordinator.
I’m quite certain that we have a very positive and workable EC that will do it’s best to represent our MO’s and with them our 30.000 members.
So I say hail to Marina, Marc, Monia, Teo, Carolina, Maria and Bruno (as our newly elected Sec Gen).
Let’s make this an exiting year witch we shall remember for the rest of our lifetime.
But for the GA and the spring conference we should also thank Grüne Jugend for organising most of the things and hosting us in the lovely city of Berlin. What was once a symbol of seperation between West and East Europe proved to be the place where we celebrated our 20th anniversary and where we could rethink and shape our young greens ideas. We should also thank all our delegates for the participation in what was the main event in a year where things could have been better. But let’s remember the last year, learn our lessons and look possitivly towards the future. Because that’s what we are. The Future of Europe. Young, Green and European.


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