Brussels, 29th March 2008


Only a few months ago I decided never to run for a board for what kind of organization whatsoever. So it’s quite funny that you are reading this motivation letter and that I am a candidate for yet another position in a board.

For the past 5 years I’ve been active in lots of organizations from being an active member to being a board member. I feel like I’ve spend more than a lifetime being active on so many levels and so many occasions. Being that active has had some consequences for my personal life and my studies. And that is why I decided to only work behind the scenes of organizations so it would be much easier when I would need time off or if I would need the urge to get into other interests.
But for the last few weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that working as a volunteer for an organization as FYEG is just what I want.

For the past few years I’ve been active in FYEG as participant and prep team member in various youth exchanges, seminars and study session. As for the past half year I’ve also been working in the office of FYEG as financial administrator.
Especially through working in the office I have noticed that finances are an important issue for an organization like ours. Unfortunately without money we are nothing because we can not do anything. Or better, without money we are limited in our actions.
Therefor I’m a candidate for the position of treasurer in the FYEG EC.
that is because I believe that I have quite some experience with running, together with a full board, an organization and that I have a good view on what actually are the finances of FYEG. And how we can deal with certain financial situations and certain financial challenges that we certainly face during the next year.

For this I am willing to work and spend every bit of spare time that I have in the next year for a blossoming and financial healthy FYEG. So I hope you and your member organisation will support me. For fuck sake.

With kind regards,

Battal Erdogan

Holly fuck… can somebody please smack me in the face for doing this?


One response to “Kandidaat

  1. uhm… die for fuck sake zou ik deraf gelaten hebben :p


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