Helsinki – after all is said and done – all by myself

I’m left here all by myself. All participants have left. The last ones did so this afternoon. The goodbye ceremony took a day. People kept on leaving. Leaving blank places in the group. AN as I promised: a blog about the seminar in English.

It was a great seminar. Thanks to Markus and Ska for that. Contentwise it couldn’t have been better. I learned so much and that while I spend most of my time doing the shopping and cooking together with Ska. I also can add a person to my list of green idols. Tana de Vulueta. This Italian MP has touched me in a way mo politician could ever do so. She was so passionate about all what was happening in Italy, Europe and the world. And Talking of passion. That’s also a thing I’ll be taking back with me to Belgium. The renewed passion to work on migrant issues. The people prensent on this seminar have really passionated me, have really motivated me, have filled me with ideas. Thanks. Kiitos.

I also take with me back lots of Maltees love, great new friends, great old friends and plans to beat up certain Dutchies ;). Unfortunatly no babies, but that’s for another time. I’m sure.

Another seminar. And this time I’ll make sure that I won’t be left alone.


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