A day in the European Parliament

If there’s one word that can describe a day in the European Parliament, then it has to be ‘weird’. Yes, weird it is. We are here in a building where all the MEP’s have their bureaus, all their assistants run arround, all their interns act like they mean something and all kinds of languages are spoken. It should be an intercultural shitty thingy. Yes, intercultural, because people who believe that all Europeans share a culture, they are mistaken. But it’s not. In the beginning I very much liked the atmosphere here, all these different languages that were spoken. It looked like the European dream was happening. But it’s not. I do not like the European Parliament anymore, not anymore.
Having to walk through the immense security every day, seeing interns act like they own the place, talking to conservative MEP’s assistants, seeing that the so-called European Community here in Brussels doesn’t make an effort to intergrate in the local life. It’s just too much. That last thing is even the worst thing. It’s so fucked.
Brussels is the capital of Europe but the Europeans living here don’t even feel connected to the real city. They do not connect to the beautiful city that Brussels is and the shitty thing is that they are a part of it. If the want it or not. All they do is act European amongst Europeans. It’s seems like the European Parliament has created some kind of hybrid force; the European Bitch as I like to call it. And it’s a bad bitch, nothing like a Maltese Bitch. Not at all.
There goes my European dream.


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