The world is on fire and everybody is hungover.

The year 2008 is here and is staying till 2009. And what a blast we had with celebrating it. It even involved some kissing with German girls. After, of course, loads of weed, vodka, martini and absint. But the the amazing fact is that the world was burning outside all the parties that were going on. For real. There was a car burning up in front of the appartment we had our new years eve party. We even thought there were riots going on. Unfortunatly it wasn’t so.

It’s strange. We were having a party. The fooking whole world was having a fooking party. But the world was also burning. And no it wasn’t artifically. It is for real. The fire is only lit in Pakistan. Now Bhuto is dead we can expect loads of violence. Kenya is burning at a speed that nobody would have predicted. What once was seen as an example for African countries is now turning into a hell for its inhabitants. There were terroralarms almost in every western country. So what were we celebrating? What are we hoping for the year 2008?

A peacefull year? A world without terrorism? People not dying of hunger or thirst anymore? What? Can anybody tell me? Because in this very emotional moment I am, it looks like we do shit. All we look forward to is getting drunk, high and party the night away. Decadently.


2 responses to “The world is on fire and everybody is hungover.

  1. I adore you and this fooking blog 😛
    I guess we can try make 2008 better than 2007 in our actions. Especially by partying harder 😉

    PS Celine should be shot for that 😛

  2. Battal Erdogan

    get your arse to Belgium or buy a planeticket for me. mother jezus comfort me! i adore you toooooo…

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