A second update

It’s time for a second update. Last time I was way too tired to give a decent update. And I forgot to mention loads of things.

This time I’m back in Paris. In the end we didn’t made it to Fatima. I promise I’ll fly to that shithole one day but not now. I’ve had enough of travelling for the next few weeks. And it isn’t that much of a drama that we didn’t made it to Fatima. It’s not like we are good nice Christian girls or something like that.

So last time I was writing here we were at this Youth hostel in Bordeaux. We got there after one night in Bilbo. We took a bus to San Sebastian and i’n a miraculous way (it involves some crazy bask with hasj and a gay guy who voted for Sarkozy) we made it back to Bordeaux. Never thought we would make it actually. It was such a bitch to get out of Bilbo. Those Bask people looked like they never saw hitchhikers before. WeirdWeird, very weird.

But then we were in Bordeaux, once again. We agreed to meet up with Aude, from Chiche. We spend our first night in Bordeaux at her friends place. Those friends were really unbelievable. They were some sort of circus people and I enjoyed there juggling very much. And no it wasn’t that kind of juggling. The second day we tried to get our arses out of BX but we didn’t manage. So we took a room in the youth hostel. And there I noticed that I lost my Identity card. Merde! I had to spend one hour looking for the police station, one hour declaring that that shitty thing was lost and one hour finding my way back to the youth hostel. I can not believe this is the second time in 2 months that I lost that shitty piece of plastic! Merde again.Thank god there were some good things during the night that got my mood up for the following day. That day we managed to get our holes back to Nantes. Again with some very strange people sometimes. But we managed. After freezing my fingers off at some deserted aire.

In Nantes unfortunately we didn’t meet up with Sarah from Les Jeunes Verts. I actually was dyeing to meet up with this legend of FYEG. But apparently we have to keep that till the wintercamp. So we ended up in this lousy hotel. And lousy is even a big word in that context. I even think I have flees now. After having dumped our stuff there we hit the town for some gaybars. Man! Was I wrong. I never saw this many shitty gaybars in one town. They where all overdone. They were all so freaky gay. And I was the one that believed that gays had taste. Think again bro. It was even worse than the godforsaken Silvergate in Hasselt. And that says it all if you know that joint.

From Nantes we hit the road to Paris. And this time there was some walking involved. But thank god we are here now. I’m looking forward to meet up with Ceren, my lovely sister, my darling bitch. And certainly I’m looking forward to celebrate new years eve here. That will be a blast that will cause some shitty things that will last for an eternity.


3 responses to “A second update

  1. Je bent mijn held Battal.
    Ik vind het wel wat jammer dat je nu de silvergate in Hasselt in het belachelijke trekt… maar bon, niet alles kan meezitten. Tot nog eens op mijn slaapkamer hé!
    Uw teddybeer

  2. jij gek jij! jij kent de sivergate nog niet eens! gek jij!

  3. Ceren Gergeroglu

    your lovely sister hugd you at the endd 🙂 wuhuuu!!! :D:D:D

    luv youu dearrr! miss you!

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