The road to Fatima – a fooking update

Today was one fooked-up day. Everything what could go wrong went wrong. I spend one fooking hour in the fooking police station to declare that i lost my identity card. Fooked up mess. But lets give you an update on what happened these past days. I know I have been way to lazy and i haven’t updated this shitty blog. Mes excuses.

So what happened?

We left Brussels on Friday, after one weedylicious partylookalikethingy at Judith’s place. Thanks to Bruno’s kilo’s and kilo’s of weed by the way. But the thing we had to do before we left was buying a knife for Judith. She wanted that just in case we got robbed on the way and I would take off like a fag would have done. We nearly immediately got to Paris. Only 2 little stops and suddenly we were there. We had already contacted Alexei from Les Jeunes Verts so we could crash at his place. But crashing at a Ruski? That means Vodka. Serious amounts of vodka. Thank god we saw the lovely town of Paris too (in a very drunk state of mind). We decided to stay a day in Paris because les Jeunes Verts had an action in La Fayette. So yours truely went to this faboulous action (he saw nothing) with the slogan ‘faites l’amour, pas des cours’. Long Live anti-kapitalism.

After the action we were invited to this Russian dinner. Ow God! Again! The amounts of weed and vodka were impossible. I still have a hangover from that and it has been days!

That day ended with some serious ooooh’s, aaaaah’s and then being stuck in some toilet because the doorhandle broke off. Don’t, please don’t ask for details. It’s one hell of a trauma i’m trying to forget.

Whatever. After Paris we headed to Nantes. But leaving Paris was such a bitch. I even had to dress up as fooking Santa to get the fook outta there.

Somewhere in the evening we arrived at Nantes and immediately we got a very warm welcome from the local nutcase. Some weird homeless guy that was planning to assassinate Carla Bruni. Nice, very nice indeed. In Nantes we stayed at some guy, I hardly can remember his name. His dog I can remember, Zephyr. That’s because he nearly rapped me. God! Being rapped by a dog. That’s really something that everybody should do one day. But hey. It was after all a pleasant night talking about politics and without alcohol. Yes my dears, I CAN survive a night without alcohol!

After Nantes we hitchhiked in the direction of Bordeaux. On the way we met some very cool peope and some very naked pictures were taken. The pictures are available on request. They are boobylicious by the way. But when we entered Bordeaux there was a fooking fogg hanging over the city. You couldn’t see anything. And it was christmas eve. So we decided to stay in Bordeaux although we thought we didn’t knew anybody. We walked, drank, ate and ended up in the Cathedral for the midnight mass. God! Me! An atheist Muslim at a mass! I’m never doing that again. I never want to think about the shitty rituals that Roman Catholics do. Merde! It was all one big charade. I’m still messed-up about that. But hey. Afterwards we noticed that no bar was open in fooking Bordeaux. Even the gaybar was closed! Can you imagine? So Judith hooked us up with some teenagers who where way too drunk and spaced out. We ended up at some messy party, got no sleep at all and started to hitch hike to Bilbao at 7 in the morning.

I must say that i actually was happy to cross the fooking border with Spain. What a difference. It suddenly was 10° and the sun was shining. Although those Bask weren’t that friendly. We didn’t get rides that easily. But whatever. I was even stupid enough to forget my new bag in the car of some hot surferdude who brought us to the border. Damn that his wife returned my bag. I would have made a very good job thanking him in every way that I could ;).

After getting stuck, being picked up by a morrocan, left in the middle of the highway and begging (or blowing) ourselves out of a shithole we arrived at Bilbao. We even got to the airport! We should have flown!

In Bilbao we visited the crazy Florent, his lovely girlfriend Lara and their adorable baby Selena. God! That baby was so cute! She’s the youngest young green in Europe. Let’s use that in the 2009 elections campaign. Selena needs your votes! She needs a world to live in! Shit man. Politics. I’m having way too much of it. I’m overdosing.

And actually it’s time to crawl into my nice and warm bed. For once I can get some sleep during the night. So good night. The next update will tell you some shits about Bilbo and the way back to Bordeaux.


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