The Road To Fatima

The atheist beings that we are, God will definatly stop believing in us after this, Judith and I have taken up a duty. We shall hitchhike to Fatima. If we will get there alive, that’s another question. But we are determined to do this (actually we are shitting our pants). We shall and must celebrate the birth of baby Jezus in a church in Fatima. Hopefully drunk enough to not remember it afterwards. There are many stops planned on the way and back. We would like to stop in Bilbao, Fatima, Madrid, Zaragosa and finally Paris, where we are hoping to celebrate (alive and kicking) the new year.
I’m scared as hell. No more than hell, heaven for fooksake. I just don’t know what to expect. I never did this in the winter, when it’s cold, freezing cold. This is shit. I’m throwing myself in the deep. It’s something that I desperatly need but am so afraid of. God! Devil! Maybe Simon is right. I should just convert what people expect me to be. Just a cosy house-elf who loves to cook and crawl for his dearly beloved boyfriend.
But no. We shall do this. We must do this. Just 2 weeks away for crazy Belgium. Away from this Idiot place called the European Parliament. Let’s get us do this.
You, dear reader, can follow everything that we do, in word and pictures, on this blog. Please come back and visit us. Love us. Support us.


6 responses to “The Road To Fatima

  1. goodbye! good luck! have fuuhuun!

  2. Hitchhike to Fatima? And you are shitting your pants? Make sure you take enough clean pants with ya than 😉

    Anyway, Good luck! Have a great trip! And most of all, be carefull!!

  3. Good luck you, crazy people, and get back safe !!! Cause we need creatures like you here in the European institutions’ area.

    I am sending you all my lucky greetings to accompany you in your trip.

  4. dude, have great fun and take good care of yourselves 🙂


  5. we are allready in Paris! and we are fucking waisted! and tomorrow we’re participating in an action of the jeunes verts.
    lots of love

  6. Ik hou van je, hoeveel je me ook laat twijfelen. Schrijf maar snel iets hier want met alleen smsjes stel je me niet gerust.

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